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MeetAnyway events feel more human. Empower your attendees to connect with each other — from small gatherings to large conferences.

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Comes with a Swiss Army knife for your online event.

"The user can move independently in the virtual world and can sit down at a table, enter a stage or stay in a network area as desired. This is the decisive difference to the classic providers of video conferences."

Reference BMW Group
Ullrich Reiher
Head of BMW Accelerator
Drag & drop, literally

The powerful map builder enables you to build or change your custom event space in minutes.

Feels like Yoga

Enjoy full flexibility to build the online event space your event needs. From small gatherings to large conferences.

Fully integrated suite

Includes everything online events are made of. From audio calls, live stages, video chats to Zoom meetings.

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Ready, set, go. Your all-inclusive resort for online events.

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GDPR Compliant

With GDPR-compliant data policies, we only collect and store data needed to deliver high-quality online events.

Step 2: Launch
Custom event page

We provide you with a customisable and prebuilt event landing page.

Public or private

Open house or closed community event — we cover them both.

Role management

Use the calm before the storm. Assign speaker and moderator roles for extra permissions before the event starts.

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On air

You're the pilot, we run the engines.

Try it now

Explore MeetAnyway from an attendee perspective. Maybe invite your colleagues and try it together. Event space accessible 24/7.

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Have it under control

Make announcements, live changes, lock event areas or remove attendees.

Download free zone

Easy accessible through all common and up-to-date web browsers.

Live support for attendees

Attendee got technical
issues? Just send them over to our experienced technical support chat. We’re ready to help.

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The backbone for borderless online events

Empowering human connections in a remote world

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Ø 82
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