Conferences & Workshops to engage.

Host engaging single or multi-day conferences and workshops from anywhere for anyone. Empower your attendees to engage, share and connect with each other. From stages, unlimited breakout rooms to networking sessions — run your online event the way you want it. The sky is the limit.

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Fully customisable event space

With MeetAnyway you don't have to fit your ideas into a frame of limitations. The drag & drop event map builder gives you all the freedom you need to build or change your tailored event space in minutes. From large stages to any amount of breakout sessions.

Feels like being with others

Since day one MeetAnyway is all about people. At any time your attendees can see and connect with each other — even while being in different conversations. It creates a strong feeling of belonging and being among others.

Be in full control

It's your event and you control every single detail around it. Host it public or private, make changes in real-time, send live announcements, or restrict access to certain areas.

Hosted and customizable event page

You own each step of the event experience including the event landing page. Customize cover picture, color and description.

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In a nutshell, what's included:

Get 100+ features out of the box with MeetAnyway's online event platform


Tailor your event space to perfection with ease

Drag & drop event space builder
Various integrations
Download-free zone
Unlimited parallel sessions

Attendee features to meet other people

Real-time movement
Personal user profiles
Attendee search
Built-in messenger

Time saving live support and stellar onboarding

Event organizer support
Attendee support*
Personal onboarding
Comprehensive knowledge base

Robust event control panel and in-depth insights

Advanced analytics
In-event actions
Roles and permissions
"On the fly" changes

Customizable appearance to represent your brand

Your landing page
Your brand colors
Custom event space
Simplistic and clean interface

Comprehensive security and rigorous compliance

GDPR compliant
24/7 secure infrastructure
Secure calls
Event access control