Our commitment to applicants

We strive for a 10-Star Hiring Experience

Applying for and taking on a new job at any company requires a leap of faith. We want you to feel comfortable and excited to apply at MeetAnyway. We won’t go silent on you...

The most important asset for a tech company are people — discovered and undiscovered talents applying at MeetAnyway. We strive for a 10-Star Hiring Experience: Transparent, Responsive, and Inclusive.

Every applicant will be assigned an applicant assistant from our team. That person will be your personal point of contact over the whole hiring process. Typically, that’s the first person from our team reaching out to you. Your assistant will check-in on you along the way, and makes sure all your questions or concerns are being addressed swiftly.

We strive to never go more than seven days without letting you know the status of your application. Here's what happens when you apply for a position at MeetAnyway:

  1. Applying: When you apply for a role at MeetAnyway, the application goes into our application tracking software. In other cases we discovered and contacted you about a position we're currently hiring for.
  2. Evaluation: The application is evaluated based on evidence that demonstrates you have the relevant skills for the job. We also evaluate each applicant's writing and communication skills. Our approach is to look for reasons why you can succeed at the role you are applying for — not the opposite. We personally review every application and are committed to respond within seven days.
  3. Job fit interview: If you’re a good fit for the role, we'll reach out to you with an invitation to connect with you in a 20-30 minutes chat via Zoom video call. We'll try to learn more about your background, your skill set, and motivations for your next opportunity. Of course the “interview” goes both ways. You’ll also get time to ask questions and evaluate whether MeetAnyway matches up with the values you want to have in an employer. After the interview we are committed to come back to you within seven days after the interview (usually sooner).
  4. Skills interview: The skills interview is done over a Zoom video call, or a take-home skills test, where applicable. This interview is a practical evaluation to see if you have the relevant skills to succeed in the role. In any case you will hear back from us. At this stage we also aim to give you insightful feedback from our evaluation.
  5. Cultural-fit interview: Here we focus on your fit in our company culture and might also ask for references. To learn more about the values that matter to us you can read more about them here.
  6. Reference and background checks: Here we reach out to the references you provided to get a better idea of what it's like to work with you. We also run a background check. We promise that we will never reach out to your existing employer without your permission.
  7. Offer: Once references are complete, we'll make an offer to you including details about salary, benefits, and other relevant compensation details. Hopefully, you’ll accept the offer, and we can start working out your start date.

Thank you for considering a career at MeetAnyway, and we hope this will encourage you to take that leap of faith and send in an application.

If we ever fail on our written commitment here please let us know. We mean what we write here.