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The ARC Centre of Excellence in Future Low-Energy Electronics Technologies (FLEET), is an organization funded by the Australian Research Council to promote research and the advancement of science worldwide. Despite being based in Australia, their goal is to enhance collaboration, communication, and partnerships between science-oriented organizations across the globe.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, all of FLEET’s in-person events were canceled due to health and safety protocols. The pandemic challenged them to find a way to disseminate their research effectively without hosting traditional in-person workshops or conferences. Like every other organization, they pivoted to using group video chats to conduct business. However, the lack of integrations for posters, presenter features, visual aids, alerts, etc. made these standard video meeting platforms too one-dimensional.


FLEET sought a more comprehensive olution to create a more impactful, inclusive, and high-participation virtualconference environment for its attendees. The team was more than capable of offering top-notch conferences as far as content, speakers, and topics were concerned. Still, they needed assistance to make their virtual events match the same energy and engagement as their in-person meetings.


Our team at MeetAnyway partnered with FLEET to provide a tool to create the ideal multi-day virtual conference for their international network members. We empowered their attendees to engage with one another in dynamic breakout rooms, poster sessions, and other unique web conference features only available on our platform.


● Attendee registration for FLEET’s conferences via MeetAnyway. This ensured that their registrations match their internal invite lists, and they can keep attendee data in a centralized location.

● Overall participation from attendees was as high as many of the in-person events they’ve run in the past.

● Participants exclusively offer positive feedback through post-conference surveys, indicating that they enjoyed the FLEET’s conference experience significantly and are happy to attend future online events.

MeetAnyway offered us a one-stop-shop to be able to provide speakers, posters, additional information, breakout rooms, links to other places, and alerts, making our conference feel very real and worth participating in.

Tenille Ibbotson, Executive Officer at ARC Centre of Excellence in Future Low-Energy Electronics Technologies

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